Conference venue

The conference will take place at Uptown Geneva.

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Uptown Geneva
Rue de la Servette 2
1201 Geneva

How to get to the venue

Arrival from abroad

We encourage train travel whenever possible. Refer to the Swiss Federal Railways website for connections and tickets.

If your only option is air travel, Geneva Airport (GVA) is the closest airport.

Check out the Geneva tourism website if this is your first time here.

About Switzerland

Here are some useful and less useful facts about Switzerland.

Official languages are German, French, Italian and Romansh. In cities most people will understand and speak English.
We love money, we use Swiss Francs (CHF). Euro (EUR) may be accepted in some places. Cashless payment methods are widely accepted.
Tipping is not compulsory. Feel free to tip (5% - 10%) if you're happy with the service though.
We drive on the right side of the road.
Public transportation
We have one of the most efficient, extensive and probably expensive public transportation systems in the world.
We use the Type C and Type J outlets. Voltage is 230V and the electrical frequency is 50Hz.
Dial 112 for any kind of emergency.
Switzerland has high-quality tap water, there's no actual need to buy bottled water. You can also drink the water from all public fountains unless there is a sign not to (you won't find many of these).
Many shops in Switzerland remain closed on Sundays, except for some in railway stations and airports.

Arrival from Switzerland

Please use public transport.

The venue is next to the main Geneva railway station (Genève-Cornavin).


Recommendations to be anounced...

Food & drinks

The Geneva tourist guide has some recommendations.


Again, Geneva tourist guide can give you some ideas about what to see and do.