Helvetic Ruby 2025 call for speakers

Helvetic Ruby 2025 is a Ruby conference which will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd May 2025.

The call for speakers is not yet open. We provide the information below in advance so that you know what to expect.

We welcome speakers from different backgrounds, with varied experiences and career paths.

Speakers (and all other participants) must comply with our code of conduct.

Talk format

  • The planned talk duration is 25-30 minutes.
  • Talks must be given in English.

Presentation topics and audience

We are looking for both technical and non-technical talks relevant to the Ruby community. Assume a mix of skill levels and a variety of interests in the audience.

Example topics

These are just ideas to illustrate possible talk categories. Do not limit yourself.

  • A debugging story
  • Building a better team culture
  • A performance optimization story
  • Mental health
  • A refactoring story
  • Your experience progressing to the next stage of your career, whether as a career changer, an entry-level, mid-level or experienced developer
  • Hiring and interview practices
  • A deep dive into a library or framework
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Technical and non-technical reasons for the success of your product or service

Speaker benefits

Accepted speakers will get free admission to the conference.

We also cover travel and accommodation expenses. If your company is able to cover those costs instead, we will gladly list them as a travel sponsor.

We offer help with talk preparation. Don't hesitate to submit even if this is your first talk!